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CB6600 - Channel Balances

Color Index
040 Natural Aluminum
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CB6600 - Channel Balances

CB6600-1665-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$6.27
CB6600-1763-040 - Sash Balance 1763               -EA$6.73
CB6600-1771DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$9.99
CB6600-1867-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6600-2066-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$6.83
CB6600-2067-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6600-2170DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$12.40
CB6600-2264-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$7.73
CB6600-2268-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$7.19
CB6600-2269DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$11.74
CB6600-2274-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$10.14
CB6600-2363-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6600-2368DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6600-2463-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$7.05
CB6600-2465-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6600-2466-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$8.06
CB6600-2469DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6600-2569DS-040 - Sash Balance-49-50lb          -EA$*Call
CB6600-2665-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$7.42
CB6600-2667-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6600-2668DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$12.74
CB6600-2669DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$13.70
CB6600-2764-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$7.48
CB6600-2765-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$8.58
CB6600-2766-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$8.15
CB6600-2767-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6600-2768DS-040 - Sash Balance 2768ds Lower     -EA$14.31
CB6600-2866-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$8.61
CB6600-2875L-040 - Sash Balance                   -EA$13.39
CB6600-2964-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$6.89
CB6600-2976-040 - Sash Balance 2976 Lt            -EA$14.54
CB6600-3063-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$7.97
CB6600-3066-040 - Sash Balance 3066               -EA$7.97
CB6600-3067-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$9.20
CB6600-3068DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$17.26
CB6600-3160-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6600-3163-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$8.83
CB6600-3164-040 - Sash Balance Lower              -EA$8.90
CB6600-3167-LOWER - Sash Balance                  -EA$9.24
CB6600-3264-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$9.18
CB6600-3265-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$8.84
CB6600-3267DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$16.37
CB6600-3271-LOWER - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$13.44
CB6600-3361-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$9.41
CB6600-3362-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$8.47
CB6600-3363-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$7.51
CB6600-3364-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$9.27
CB6600-3365-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$8.89
CB6600-3379DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt 16"     -EA$16.92
CB6600-3463-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6600-3464-040 - Sash Balance-3464               -EA$9.49
CB6600-3465-040 - Sash Balance-3465               -EA$10.21
CB6600-3466DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$19.54
CB6600-3467DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$17.76
CB6600-3469-LOWER - Sash Balance Limited Travel   -EA$8.92
CB6600-3471-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt           -EA$10.57
CB6600-3475-LOWER - Sash Balance Lower            -EA$12.78
CB6600-3476DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower Limited    -EA$17.28
CB6600-3564-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$7.62
CB6600-3565-040 - Sash Balance 3565               -EA$9.99
CB6600-3566DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6600-3567DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6600-3572L-040 - Sash Balance                   -EA$11.86
CB6600-3662-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6600-3667DS-040 - Sash Balance-3667ds-54-55lb   -EA$18.00
CB6600-3669-LOWER - Sash Balance-lt-lower Sash    -EA$10.82
CB6600-3865-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6600-3866DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6600-3867DS-040 - Sash Balance-55lb             -EA$*Call
CB6600-3871-LOWER - Sash Balance                  -EA$11.44
CB6600-3875-LOWER - Sash Balance                  -EA$17.39
CB6600-3876DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower Sash-lt23" -EA$21.47
CB6600-3878DS-LOWER - Sash Balance-lower-lt-21"   -EA$18.97
CB6600-4166DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$21.86
CB6600-4168DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$19.53
CB6600-4174-LOWER - Sash Balance-lower-lt-25"     -EA$16.37
CB6600-4174-UPPER - Sash Balance Upper            -EA$17.22
CB6600-4274-UPPER - Sash Balance W/limit Travel   -EA$*Call
CB6600-4274-040 - Sash Balance Lower              -EA$16.49
CB6600-4365-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6600-4367DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$20.00
CB6600-4368DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$21.02
CB6600-4369-LOWER - Sash Balance-lower-lt-33"     -EA$12.06
CB6600-4480DS-LOWER - Sash Balance                -EA$20.43
CB6600-4571-LOWER - Sash Balance Limited Travel   -EA$14.04
CB6600-4571-UPPER - Sash Balance Limited Travel   -EA$14.04
CB6600-4663-040 - Sash Balance-39-42lb            -EA$*Call
CB6600-4665-040 - Sash Balance-47-50lb            -EA$*Call
CB6600-4676DS-UPPER - Sash Balance-upper-lt-26"   -EA$21.02
CB6600-4678DS-LOWER - Sash Balance Lt Lower       -EA$23.83
CB6600-4770-LOWER - Sash Balance-4770lower-lt     -EA$13.05
CB6600-4772-UPPER - Sash Balance Upper            -EA$13.05
CB6600-4775DS-LOWER - Sash Balance Lower          -EA$21.82
CB6600-4780DS-LOWER - Sash Balance                -EA$24.65
CB6600-4866DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6600-4880DS-LOWER - Sash Balance                -EA$22.34
CB6600-4977DS-LOWER - Sash Balance                -EA$23.07
CB6600-4978DS-LOWER - Sash Balance                -EA$23.07
CB6600-50725-LOWER - Sash Balance-50 1/2-lower/lt -EA$13.93
CB6600-5075DS-LOWER - Sash Balance-lower-lt       -EA$23.41
CB6600-5175DS-UPPER - Sash Balance Upper          -EA$23.58
CB6600-5176DS-UPPER - Sash Balance-upper          -EA$21.75
CB6600-5178DS-UPPER - Sash Balance Upper          -EA$23.59
CB6600-5179DS-UPPER - Sash Balance Upper          -EA$23.58
CB6600-5180DS-UPPER - Sash Balance Upper          -EA$23.58
CB6600-5270-UPPER - Sash Balance-upper            -EA$14.08
CB6600-5272-UPPER - Sash Balance                  -EA$14.08
CB6600-5274-UPPER - Sash Balance Upper            -EA$19.15
CB6600-5276DS-UPPER - Sash Balance Upper          -EA$24.72
CB6600-5278DS-UPPER - Sash Balance Upper          -EA$23.73
CB6600-5374-UPPER - Sash Balance Upper            -EA$19.44
CB6600-5774-040 - Sash Balance-lower Sash         -EA$*Call
CB6600-5776DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower Sash       -EA$*Call
** For Item with no price indicated, contact Customer Service by E-mail or call 800-678-1919.


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