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At FlexScreen we are committed to providing innovative products that solve everyday problems, are easy to use, and make your windows look beautiful.  Unlike traditional window screens, our patented, flexible window screens require no installation hardware and install simply by flexing the frame with your hands.  The PVC coated, spring steel frame is designed for strength and durability and will not dent, scratch or break.  When installed in a window, the FlexScreen frame hides inside the screen track, drastically improving the look of the window and the view through it. 

Simple, Invisible, Beautiful…FlexScreen.  Enjoy the view.

Simple Design

Our revolutionary design utilizes a PVC coated, high-performance spring steel frame. However, innovation does not need to be complex, so you will not find unnecessary attachment hardware on FlexScreen.

Damage Resistant

We were tired of bent aluminum frames, scratched paint, and broken hardware. So we built a window screen that can be thrown from the top of a five-story building without being damaged.

Effortless Installation

Built with you in mind. Simply hold the screen in your hands… flex the sides in… and fit FlexScreen into your screen track.
It is that easy.

Beautifully Invisible

FlexScreen hides in the window screen pocket, drastically improving sight lines and eliminating the need for color matching. Your windows will never look better.

Wool Pile Vinyl Adapter

The vinyl adapter is used on the half-screen and split-screens.  The wool pile comes in three different colors - white, black, and tan.

Full-Screen Guide

Half-Screen Guide

FlexScreen Full-Screen Demonstration Video

FlexScreen Split-Screen Demonstration Video

FlexScreen Half-Screen Demonstration Video

FlexScreen Mesh Repair Video

FlexScreen Mesh Colors

Click on the mesh image to see specifications.

Standard Fiberglass Mesh Charcoal

BetterVue ®

SunTex 80 Mesh - Call for Special Order Pricing

Standard Fiberglass Mesh Silver Gray

UltraVue ®

SunTex 90 Mesh - Call for Special Order Pricing

Solar Insect Fiberglass Mesh Charcoal

TuffScreen ®

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