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Institutional Accounts

Any Federal, State, City or County Government.  Military, Hospitals, Schools (Public/Private) including Colleges, Housing Authority or Prisons.

Resale Accounts

Apartments, Condominiums, Churches, Contractors/Home Improvement Companies,  Building Supply Companies, Hardware Stores, Manufacturers, Glass/Screen Companies, Hotel/Motels, Property Mgmt/Real Estate.

Please click the form button below that best fits your business structure.  If you can’t determine which type fits your business, please don’t hesitate to call 301-797-6500 for assistance.

Print the form, fill it out including the signature, and either scan and email the form to accounting@blainewindow.com OR fax the form to 301-797-2563.

The form MUST have a signature.


Your Part Identification Request Form has been submitted!

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The research department will identify your part(s) and email you a picture of the part(s) along with the part number(s).  After you receive the part identification email, our Customer Service Department will send you a quote within 24 hours.