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April 30, 2020 Rockwood
Very Happy Customer  

1. The Blaine Window website was the easiest I found to identify the part I needed. Once I got close to the part number there was a picture of both the left and right operator, which really helped me make sure I had the right number. THANK YOU!!

2. After I ordered, the order confirmation came quickly and was accurate.

3. Parts were shipped promptly and arrived in good condition, even though the shipping company had obviously been rough with the package.

4. The part fit perfectly!! It took longer for me to figure out how to remove the wood trim without destroying it than it did to replace the operator!

Bottom line this company has a very happy customer and I will order more again when the needs arises.

August 21, 2019 DC
Amazing service  

The ladies at Blaine Window Hardware rock. Tina Porter, Debbie Miller, Paula Ford and Patti Petty are an amazing team.They were able to identify the parts to be replaced and had them shipped to me within 24 hours. I recommend the company wholeheartedly and greatly appreciate their prompt response.

November 28, 2017 Hagerstown
Superb service  

This morning I called to determine the needed Anderson balancers for several windows. Paula Ford answered the phone and I could not have been more fortunate. Paula was not only professional and upbeat but she was a “shark” when it comes to product knowledge! She was able to satisfy my requests within minutes which is a rare commodity in today’s service world. Love to have her on my team any time. Thank you Paula for a great start to the day.

July 3, 2017 Location-Optional Research Department
Great service  

I just want to comment on the great assistance I received from Tina Potter in your research department. She was very quick in answering my questions and giving me tips on how to get the information that was needed to find out what parts I needed to order. A great help!!!!

August 23, 2016 Littleton, CO
These Guys Are Good  

I had been trying to find some hardware for my casement windows when I came across Blaine on the internet. They were quick to get me to the right place to order the right parts. Delightfully, the parts, when they arrived (5 days earlier than expected) were perfect. They seemed to be better than the original parts and the price including shipping was very reasonable. These guys have been added to my list of places to go to for special window parts. I, obviously, highly recommend this company.

March 4, 2016 Midway Airport Area

Our home was one of the first homes to receive soundproof windows through the Midway Soundproof Program. Some time has gone by and as you would guess the window company gone and the warranties are over. After some research and a few calls we found Blaine Window Hardware Inc. They have everything you possibly could imagine. The entire staff, Monica, Matt and Joe walked us through step by step on how to replace our worn Spiral Balancers and broken Cams, in addition to some maintenance tips. Their patience and expertise allowed me to make this repair with little effort. Keep in mind those windows are heavy, may require a helping hand to get them back in. Thank you for all your help.

September 30, 2015 Jersey City, New Jersey
Quality Products and Fast Delivery  

I am happily stunned by the excellent quality of service & speed at which my order was delivered. I already have the part in hand & I just ordered it yesterday – wow – that’s service!

September 24, 2015 Cambridge, MA

As a residential general contractor in the Boston, Massachusetts area, I’ve been using Blaine well before I started my Account with you in 2001. After I successfully used Blaine again recently, to the tune of at least a few thousand dollars in savings for my client, I figured I ought to call and write to tell you folks what a great service you provide, and how your company, ironically perhaps, is one of the most relevant, cutting edge companies around today. I say “ironically” because you are all about preserving and repairing things from the past, but those actions are fast aligning with both, public sentiment and government policies with regard to reducing our consuming carbon footprint.

At a time when our country and culture has long been moving toward a disposable culture, in which we buy cheap and throwaway if it doesn’t work, our landfills are maxing out, the costs of our goods are rising as we begin to factor in the very real actual manufacturing costs, such as disposal, natural resources depletion, and environmental degradation and the resulting necessary remediation, and finally distribution. In short, we are becoming unsustainable. But we all know that. While everybody else is looking to the future for new technologies to save us (and that’s good), Blaine is looking backward to “Fix what IS broke.” Recycling and repair makes sense at almost any level. Companies like Blaine make that possible. In fact, you are the ideal 21st century company, in a sense. You are helping your clients make a smaller carbon footprint, by helping us repair rather than discard and demolish, only to replace.

Over the past 15 years, I can easily attribute 15 instances in which I didn’t tear a window or door or shower door with some obscure missing or broken part out of a client’s home, send it off to a landfill, and replace it with a newer, possibly more inferior product, all because I was able to source and buy needed parts from Blaine.

Most recently, I was faced with telling a customer that if I could not find parts to fix her roughly 16 perfectly functional (aside from the broken and continually breaking tilt latches on about half of them) of vinyl replacement windows, that she would eventually have to replace all of them at a cost of several thousand dollars. As with many vinyl replacement windows, there was no manufacturer ID that allowed me to go back to the manufacturer and attempt to get replacement parts. I took pictures and emailed them to Blaine for research and sourcing. The following day, I was connected by phone to one of your researchers who told me he felt the chances were pretty good that he could ID and locate the parts. A couple days ago, I returned to the client site and installed the parts in about an hour, left extras for anticipated future repairs, and all the windows were back to operating like new. The tenants were delighted because I didn’t have to disrupt their lives installing new windows, casings, and painting; the client was delighted because I was able to charge her a couple hundred to repair rather than several thousand dollars to replace. And I was delighted because I didn’t have to unnecessarily fill another landfill.

I would like to thank you for providing practical solutions and for helping us reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. As I say, you are Ironically, the Ideal 21st Century Company.