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Storm Door Handle Types

A handle is one of the most critical pieces of hardware on your storm door. The fixture helps you open and close storm doors with convenience. Some handles have a locking mechanism to enhance security and a design that adds a touch of aesthetics to your property.

Discover the features that make the common storm door handle types from Blaine Window Hardware Inc.

1. Mortise Door Handle

The mortise door handle is one of the most common choices for storm doors. This fixture features lever-shaped handles on the exterior and interior. Notwithstanding, some mortise door handles have a knob handle in the interior instead of a lever.

The locking mechanism of mortise handles fits into a cavity on the side of the storm door. The concealed placement enhances security while providing added protection against elements like water and direct sunlight.

Even better, the handles’ parts are made from durable metal to withstand regular use and exposure to elements. The handle’s locking mechanism enables you to lock your door for enhanced security.

2. Knob Storm Door Handle

The knob is one of the oldest handles. Not surprisingly, it is common in older-period properties. As its name suggests, this storm door handle features knob-shaped exterior and interior handles. You twist these handles to open your door.

The knob features a latching hardware, usually located inside a cavity on the side of the door. This concealed installation protects the latch from harsh weather elements and potential tampering or damage.

While the knob works effectively, it is not a practical choice for everyone. For instance, the knob requires a certain level of strength to grasp and twist to open. It may pose challenges for individuals with reduced hand strength.

3. Push-Button Storm Door Handle

The push button is another practical storm door handle for your door. At the exterior, these storm handle types have a downward-facing lever with a button at the top. You open the door by pressing the button and pulling the handle toward you.

The push button may incorporate a keyhole for locking or unlocking the door. On the interior side, the push button handle for storm doors features a knob or lever. You push the knob or lever inward to open your storm door.

The push button stands out for one reason- ease of handling. This ease allows users of all ages to close and open the door with minimal effort. It is a great option for homes with seniors, people living with disabilities, and kids.

4. Pull Door Handle

The pull is the simplest handle for storm doors. These storm door handle types have straight or curved bars attached to the door vertically or horizontally. The bars help you grasp and pull your doors open.

Many pull door handles come with a separate deadbolt or roller-style mortise to help lock your door. Pull handles stand as an ideal option for many reasons. For one, the handles’ installation process is relatively straightforward.

The simple installation process eliminates complex and time-consuming labor. In fact, property owners can install pull handles by themselves. While pull door handles can work with any door, they are well-suited for heavy or sliding doors.

The reason is that the handles provide a solid grip that enables you to open doors with ease. Pull handles come in various finishes, like polished brass, stainless steel, and matte black, to complement your home’s aesthetics.

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